What My Clients and Students Are Saying

Helping people connect with their past is my passion. People yearn to have a sense of belonging and to know that they are part of something greater than themselves. This is what my company is all about. Paving the road between the now and the past. I pride myself on my work and dedication to this purpose. Here are what some of my clients have said about my teaching and research services.

Michael, Massachusetts

“Tamara exceeded my expectations by responding quickly and efficiently to a probate search for an important heir search case I am working on. Her work was professional, she did what she said she would do, and her rates were reasonable.”

Anne, Florida

“Just skimmed your report and you brought tears (of joy) to my eyes! My daughter’s Christmas gift of your services might be my favorite of all time, excluding the blessing of my grandchildren of course. It is a gift that will keep on giving because I have so much to learn and your personalized report will certainly guide me in my journey.

You are most impressive!”

Kathy & Scott, Florida

"When I worked in advertising many years ago, attention to detail was a requirement. I must admit, however, yours is a far more fine tuned ability to teach your eager students necessary, applicable detail. That is one major reason my husband Scott gravitates to your courses. He, too, excels at detail. In that sense, you both share a matched energy. You positively go beyond the call of duty as an instructor that possesses great depth, overall."

Phyllis, Florida

"You are not only a professional genealogist but also have the gift of excellent teaching and a wealth of information. You have skills that only come from extensive education and familiarity with genealogical research."

Yoram, Israel

“You were able to locate an elusive document which was essential for my research. Reliable and efficient.”

Pat, Florida

“Tamara is a genealogy instructor at our local library, providing complimentary services for our community. Many times, instructors in this arena are good generalists. Tamara, in contrast, is a true expert. Not only does she deliver exceptional content in an engaging way, but also, she provides the attendees with first rate tools that can be easily implemented, adding long term value and learning.

Tamara is an excellent researcher. It can be so tedious, expensive and time-consuming to gather information and then decipher the meaning of that information. Tamara is efficient and effective at both. Her expertise has translated to immediate time and cost savings for me.”

Melissa, New Jersey

“Tamara is an excellent researcher and a true professional. Her local expertise was indispensable and helped me complete a project on time for my own client.”

Faith, Texas

“Tamara was very professional in all her communications with me regarding my request; she thoroughly researched my request and delivered it in a very timely manner; and her research report was the best I have ever received. Tamara and her work are both excellent!!!”

Sherry, Florida

“My expectations are high from past experience at your lectures, and you don't disappoint. Topics are interesting and clearly explained with good examples, and you always seem happy to answer questions and resolve problems for people.

You know your topic thoroughly and can point anyone in the right direction to go further with their research. You are also constantly learning and have fresh information to share, and your positive, upbeat demeanor is also a plus.”